Guest editorials generally are placed opposite the editorial page of a newspaper, hence their alternative name, op-ed pieces. They are a main focus for many public relations writers. For example, strong fear appeals used in a seat-belt campaign may leave audiences with an awareness of the consequences of not wearing seat belts — perhaps even with the intention of wearing them—without actually changing the likelihood that they will, indeed, buckle up. Transparent communication, which deals with the awareness objectives of increasing knowledge and understanding, simply means making your case. More subtly, this includes whether people know about an organization, what they know about it and how accurate this information is. The same gunmen who robbed, raped and mutilated villagers in Central America were called freedom fighters by their political supporters and terrorists by opponents. It makes less sense to judge people based on aspects of over which they have little control: race, ethnicity, age, skin tone, religious or cultural background, accent, and so on. Thomas Bell, former head of Y&R's sister agency, Burson-Marsteller Worldwide, vowed to be someone who can deliver integrated thinking so the ad agency will consider all the persuasive disciplines in servicing clients (Holmes, 1998). Consider the financial media, for example. Even audiences that don't understand the issues will accept their messages, just because the sources are believable. A pr freelancer has a good passion and understanding for PR.True, readers intend to catch up on the day's events when they sit down in the evening with the newspaper, but they aren't especially looking for information about a particular organization. That is too broad a category, because there are so many different kinds of potential students. Or if possible, hold the conference at an appropriate on-site location relevant to the information. This category includes serial publications, stand-alone publications, reprints, progress reports, user kits and research reports. Police, fire and emergency crews offer ride-alongs so local residents can see firsthand how various situations are handled. The strength of a freelance medical writer is its shared experience in conjunction with a personal and individual approach to client relationships.Self-deprecating humor can be effective in causing an audience to like a speaker. Instead of providing gifts to involved publics, some concessions are aimed at generating favorable publicity for an organization under fire. An apathetic public for the animal adoption shelter might be people who don't particularly like pets. And a closer look will reveal a population divided by language as well. Additionally, organizations make frequent use of toll-free lines that give customers and other publics free telephone access to the organization; similar 900 lines, in which callers are charged for the phone call, can generate income for organizations. Do you plan on hiring a healthcare pr agency this year?Or ask an individual reporter or columnist. Direct mail pieces can include memos, letters, postcards, invitations and catalogs. Like the fear appeal, guilt appeals should feature solutions to the problem of conscience that they raise. The best advice regarding direct mail, as with every other form of public relations or marketing communication, is to target the mail to each public and address the reader's self-interest. Organizations sometimes attempt to devise memorable acronyms, though these often end up being somewhat less effective than hoped. A good healthcare communications agency excels at creating strategic campaigns and raising public awareness.Catastrophes represented only 9 percent of the cases. Fear appeals also can be effective when the issue is significant or important to the audience. Another option is to invite reporters to a participatory activity, such as a media preview of the opening of a new roller coaster by an amusement park.